Farpoint Optics and Image Science

About Farpoint

Farpoint Optics and Image Science was founded by Russ Palum in 2008 to provide consulting services aimed at the digital camera community.  Russ is an author on 20 US patents in optics and image science, and has authored two book chapters, a number of technical articles and given numerous presentations.

During 33 years at Eastman Kodak Company Russ contributed optical and algorithm designs for many successful products and taught in-house courses in photographic optics and radiometry.  In addition he taught a course in photographic optics at Rochester Institute of Technology as an adjunct professor from 2010 to 2013.

Farpoint Optics and Image Science provides consulting services in camera test lab design, camera test procedures, imager characterization, image processing algorithm development, FIR filter design, image system modeling including noise, color, and MTF image simulation.

Farpoint also offers short courses in photographic optics, imager characterization, image data path design, camera test procedures, sampling as applied to photographic images, and radiometry.